Nuke Codes (Week: 16th Jun -23rd Jun 2024 (20:00))
Alpha: 99357501
Bravo: 62285039
Charlie: 45394000
Nuke Codes
Week: 16th Jun -23rd Jun 2024 (20:00)
Season 17: "Pioneer Scouts Skyline Valley"   Still 86/97 Days Left

Build How-To: Bloodied Commando VATS-Crit (FDC)

Build How-To: Bloodied Commando VATS-Crit (FDC)

Presentation of my Bloodied VATS Crit Commando Build (FDC)

Xbox GT: PAT Bass GER (Level 5849)

To begin with: All Perks, legendary perks, stats and mutations are in the screenshots. All screenshots were made fully buffed with the shielded lining raider leathers in a casual team with my mule.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them at any time! ????



Legendary Perks (Part 1)

Legendary Perks (Part 2)

Now we continue with the equipment: 


  • Railway Rifle is a Quad +50Crit +15% faster reload (25ap is totally overrated since the ap cost is already low with only 7. A good alternative is "breaks 50% slower".)
  • 3 Fixers
    I have different variations in my collection that I change depending on my mood. Basically, I always carry a Quad, Bloodied and Vampire Fixer with me. In my opinion the best second effects to use are: +50 Crit, +25% weapon speed or explosive (gunsmith will be switched to demmo expert). Every now and then I also like to use +50% Vats Hit Chance or on my Quad Fixer sometimes even "Replenish 15 AP after each kill". As a third effect I prefer 25% less AP cost or 15% faster reload. The "+15% cirtical fill" should be irrelevant to any Bloodied Commando build, since critical savvy 3 and 33 luck are already crits on every other shot. For mods I use the tweaked automatic reciever (+50% Crit), aligned long barrel, forcefull stock, perforating magazine, reflex sight and the surpressor. This combination of mods has the lowest AP cost with maximum damage and good durability. Of course you can replace the Fixer with a Handmade or any other commando weapon. [Additional Info: Currently, Anti-Armor is a solid choice for command weapons as well, because the 40% armor penetration from the perforating magazine stacks with the 50% additive, resulting in 90% armor penetration. The Tank Killer perk is stacked multiplicatively, which in this case no longer matters that much. That's why you could move more points to Ground Pounder or Concentrated Fire.]
  • Quad Tesla with +25% damage while aiming and +15% faster reload for events like Radiation Rumble [Additional Info: In this case, I usually switch my loadout or just manually change perks by hand to Grenadier 2 & Ground Pounder 3 under Perception and to Quick Fingers 3 and Luck of the draw 3 under Luck]
  • Gamma Gun with Quad and -90% weight only for radiation (middle perk doesnt matter for me)
  • Endangerol Syringer for boss fights only


I'm currently playing a full set of Unyielding Secret Service armor with 5 pieces of food, drink and chem weight reduction. The mods I use on all parts are the “Buttressed” and “Ultralight” mods or “Asbestos” on the chest part. [Additional info: I usually use my UNY INT FDC Heavy Robot Armor for double XP weekends. Alternatively, I also play a WWR/FDC mix every now and then. I might present that build in another post.]


I'm not a big fan of the Secret Service underarmor for commando builds, as I prefer the bonus to agility or intelligence. Depending on my needs, I switch between the following 2 underarmors:

  • Shielded Raider Leather (+3 PER / +3 AGI / +1 LCK)
  • Shielded Flannel Shirt and Jeans (+3 CHA / +3 INT / +1 LCK) 

Power Armor:

For PA I use a complete set of Union. Main effect is Overaters and 5 pieces of food, drink and chem weight reduction.


As a backpack I use a standard backpack with the high capacity mod. [If you're interested: my total carrying capacity is 451. With a cleaned up inventory, I'm usually around 200/451. Varies slightly depending on amount of ammo and buffs and other loot.] 


  • Bobbleheads: Bobblehead: Leader (+5% Bonus XP) or Bobblehead: Small Guns (+20% Ballistic Gun Damage)
  • Magazine: Live & Love 3 (+50% Healing from Veggies and Fruits) [Additional information: The 50% also refers to the effects of the buffs.]
  • Food:
    all food buffs in a team with live & love 3
    • Company Tea (+37.5% AP Regen)
    • Cranberry Relish (+38% Bonus XP)
    • Steeped Melon Blossom Chai (+7.5 Agility)
    • Brain Bombs (+11.25 Intelligence)
    • Infused Soot Flower Tea (+75 maxiAP)
    • Sweetwater Special Blend (+7.5 Perception)
    • Sweet Mutfruit Tea (+188% Crit Damage)
    • Ballistic Bock +15% ballistic damage (no additional buff from live & love 3)
  • Chems:
    Beery Mentats (+5 INT) or Overdrive for +15% damage and +30% Crit Damage, since you can't stack both of them. Unfortunately, Overdrive and Psychotats dwon't stack anymore like they used to. That's why I only use these two chems and decide depending on the situation.
  • Camp Buffs
    • +2 INT from the mechanical derby game
    • +2 AGI & + 2 PER from the Boardwalk Bonanza Pinball Machine
    • +25 AP Regen from an Instrument
    • +5% Bonus XP from sleeping


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