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Atomraketen Startcodes
Woche: 15.07.-22.07.2024 (02:00)
Saison 17: "Skyline Valley"   Noch 61/97 Tage

Fallout 76 - Patchnotes 18.04.2023 (Patch 43)


Our latest update for Fallout 76 brings a variety of new bug fixes and improvements to the game. Read on to catch all the details.


  • PC (Steam):
  • PC (Microsoft Store):
  • PlayStation: 1.77
  • Xbox:

Check the download sizes below for today's patch on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Steam): 2 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 6.9 GB
  • PlayStation: 7.02 GB
  • Xbox: 6.9 GB


Mod Description Changes

We have made numerous changes to the mod description text to be more consistent and clearer. Some notable changes to descriptions are;

Legendary Weapon Mods

Old Description New Description
Damage increases as caps increase Damage increases for every 1000 caps you have up to 50%
Lower Damage Resistance increases damage dealt Lower Damage Resistance increases damage up to 50%
Damage increases as health decreases Damage increases up to 95% as health decreases
Damage increased after each consecutive hit on the same target +5% Damage after each consecutive hit on the same target, up to +45%
Damage increases as you fill your hunger and thirst meters Damage increases up to 24% as you fill your hunger and thirst meters
Damage increases as health increases Damage increases up to 25% as health increases
Damage increases when suffering from addictions +10% Damage per addiction, up to +50%
Damage increased by 5% for each mutation +5% Damage for each mutation, up to +25%
Damage increases with the night 50% increased damage at night.
Gain brief health regeneration when you hit an enemy Restore 2% health over 2 seconds when you hit an enemy
V.A.T.S. crits will heal you and your group V.A.T.S. crits will heal you and your group by 5% health
Replenish AP with each kill Replenish 15 Action Points with each kill.
Bullets explode for area damage Bullets explode for 20% weapon damage Bullets explode for area damage
(Shotguns) Bullets explode for area damage Bullets explode for 3% weapon damage
Hits have a chance to generate a Stealth Field Hits have a 10% chance to generate a Stealth Field for 2 seconds
Faster movement speed while aiming 100% faster movement speed while aiming

Legendary Armor Mods

Old Description New Description
Slowly regen radiation damage while not in combat +0.25% radiation damage recovery while not in combat
Slowly regenerate health while not in combat +0.05% health recovery while not in combat
Increases Action Point refresh speed +5% Action Point refresh speed
Damage and Energy Resistance increase at night +40 Damage and Energy Resistance increase at night

Quality of Life Additions

  • Crafting : We have added a number input option while crafting multiple items.

Daily Ops

  • New rewards! You can now obtain the Alien Backpack Skin and Intergalactic Handmade Rifle Skin from Daily Ops rewards.



  • Atomic Camo: The Atomic Camo paint can now be applied to all pieces of the Forest and Urban armor pieces, not just the mask. Additionally, Scout Masks that have the Atomic Camo paint applied now have the correct texture when seen in the workbench menu.
  • Circus Trailer: When destroyed, the Circus Trailer now displays the correct destruction model.
  • Cowspots Creamery: Various adjustments to AI pathing for Allies around the Cowspots Creamery Stand Prefab.
  • Backpack Flairs: Backpack flairs no longer clip into the Heirloom Basket Backpack.
  • Giant Dinosaur: Items placed under the Giant Dinosaur can now be moved individually from the Dinosaur.
  • Hats: The Cappy Hat no longer removes part of the hairstyles on male characters.
  • Log Cabin Porch Set: Adjusted the budget cost to align with the cost of similar C.A.M.P. items.
  • Masks: The Fasnachtler Mask can now be displayed in the Fasnacht Mask Display.
  • Nuka-Cola Billboard: Adjusted the build preview for the Nuka-Cola Thermometer Billboard to face the player.
  • Radiation Dummy: Added the ability to turn the Radiation Dummy on and off.
  • Slocum's Joe Bar: Fixed an issue causing no textures to appear on Slocum's Joe Bar Tiled Corner piece.
  • Wild Mountain Rifle Range: Various fixes to hanging decor placed inside the Wild Mountain Rifle Range Prefab.


  • Daily : Enemies with a prefix in their name now count towards Daily Challenges.
  • Daily: All Radscorpion food items now count towards the "Consume Radscorpion Meat" Daily challenge.
  • Daily: Perfect Mothman Egg now counts towards the "Collect Mothman Eggs" Daily Challenge.
  • Daily: Addressed an issue where having an equipped throwable weapon that causes fire damage advances the Daily "Deal Fire Damage to Enemies" Challenge when using a non-fire damage-dealing weapon.
  • Daily: Addressed an issue where grenade kills counted towards the challenge "Kill Robots with an Energy Weapon" while wielding but not using an Energy weapon.
  • Epic : Missile Launchers now count towards the "Sell Ballistic Weapons" Challenge.
  • Epic: Addressed an issue where all cryptids counted towards the "Take a Camera Picture of a Legendary Cryptid" regardless of being Legendary or not.
  • Epic : Cranberry Jam now counts towards the Epic Challenge "Eat cooked meals that use cranberries".
  • Possum : Dirty Fedoras and Crumpled Fedoras now count towards the Possum Challenge.
  • Re-Roll: Updated the UI for Challenge Re-Rolls to make it easier to see the number of Re-Rollers the player has.
  • Re-Roll: Updates to the Re-Rolled Challenges to include new and changed challenges.
  • Tadpole: Cooking Sugar now counts towards the Tadpole challenge to "Cook while wearing a Chef's hat".
  • Weekly: Addressed an issue where grenade kills counted towards the challenge "Kill Creatures with Hammers" while wielding but not using a Hammer.
  • Weekly: Addressed an issue where grenade kills counted towards the challenge "Kill Cutists with a Bladed Weapon" while wielding but not using a Bladed Weapon.


  • Build Menu: Fixed an issue allowing players who have not learned the Prison Door to build it in their C.A.M.P.
  • Crafting : Added a number input option for Crafting Sliders.
  • Enemies : Fixed an issue causing Scorched melee animations to break when staggered.
  • Perks : Aqua Boy no longer removes rad immunity from drinking Toxic Goo.
  • Perks: Fixed an issue causing the Power User Perk to not reflect ammo count accurately and force the user to reload early.
  • Perks : The Bloodsucker Perk now properly applies its bonus to Glowing Blood Packs.
  • Seasons : Fixed an issue that allowed players to purchase more rank-ups than intended.
  • Worlds : Fixed an issue where the Infinite Ammo Custom World setting did not grant infinite ammo.


  • Mutated Events: Melee attacks on Resilient mutated enemies which have triggered the Resilient threshold are now always fatal, regardless of any resistances or damage dealt.
  • Mutated Packages: Players can now correctly earn known recipes from Mutated Packages and Party Packs when they know all of them.


  • Quests : Fixed an issue during "An Ounce of Prevention" where multiple instances of the same quest item may appear.
  • Shelters: Fixed an issue where players could become stuck inside a Shelter entrance upon relogging in.


  • Ammo : Spent Fusion Cores and Ultracite Fusion Cores no longer remain in the player's inventory after draining the fusion ammo in either Laser or Ultracite Gatling Guns.
  • Ammo Box: Fixed an issue where the selection would jump to the top of the list when transferring Ammo.
  • Drink: Rad Ant Lager now has an accurate description of its effects.
  • Food : Carrot Soup now weighs 0.5lbs which is consistent with other soups.
  • Junk: Adjustments to the weight of Bulk Aluminum, Lead, Silver, Cork, and Screws to be more consistent.
  • Med-X: The Description for Med-X now displays its accurate effects. (25+ Damage Resist)
  • Mentats: Addressed an issue where Berry Mentats would not highlight living creatures.
  • Mutated Party Pack: Fixed a text bug where the Mutated Party Pack said it is granted with 3 Fallout 1st members instead of 3 or more. (3+).
  • Notes & Recipes: Removed weights on Notes that are inconsistent with other Notes throughout the game.
  • Stash : Fasnacht Residue Analysis can now be removed from the Stash box.


  • All languages: Numerous localization fixes.
  • All languages: Fixed the Boomstick and Peace Maker Mutated Event rewards to have consistent naming in all localizations.
  • All languages: Fixes across multiple languages for the descriptions of the Daring Adventure Armor Paint.
  • Russian : 3 Star Legendary Ranged Weapons sold by Purveyor Murmrgh no longer show debug text in Russian.


  • Headlamps : The Union Power Armor Headlamp mods are now buildable. Recipes can be acquired through expedition rewards or Giuseppe's vendor inventory.
  • Jet Packs: The Armor Ace Jet Pack Skin no longer appears as the Union Jet Pack Skin, and all Jet Pack skins can now be applied to any Power Armor that can use Jet Packs.
  • Jet Pack Mods: Jetpack Power Armor modifications no longer cause visual issues when inspecting a Power Armor Torso.


  • Fast Travel: Addressed a crash when attempting to Fast Travel quickly after Fast Traveling to another player.


  • Attack Speed: The Chainsaw and Auto-Axe now have the same attack speed in first and third-person view.
  • Auto-Axes: The Auto-Axe can now roll 2-star Faster Swing Speed Legendary mod again, this can happen with both 2 and 3-star crafting rolls.
  • Crossbow Bolts: Crafting Ultracite crossbow bolts now count towards the "Craft Crossbow Bolts" Tadpole: Archer challenge.
  • Energy Weapons: Energy weapons with high base damage (Such as Plasma Caster or Tesla weapons) now lose less durability per shot. Other energy weapons with lower base damage will lose slightly less durability per shot. The Plasma Gun also has reduced condition damage.
  • Missile Launcher: The Targeting Computer mod for the Missile Launcher no longer target friendly and neutral NPC's.
  • Mods : Weapons with Poison mods now correctly deal base weapon damage to robots again.
  • Pipe Wrench: The Pipe Wrench now works with the Legendary Perks Hack and Slash and Collateral Damage.
  • Shotguns: Fixed an issue that allowed Shotguns to be shot underwater.


  • Help Menu: The "Damage Types" section of the Help Menu now correctly says which icons represent each damage type.
  • Seasons : Fixed an issue where users could not see purchased Re-Rolls until relog.
  • Seasons : Fixed an issue that caused an infinite loading screen when selecting Bulk Rank Ups.


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